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The definition of the dispensing machine[ 11-29 10:07 ]
Dispensing machine, also called automatic dispensing machine, glue machine, coating machine, spary machine, adhesive machine, is designed to control fluid, and automatic machine, liquid drip cover, coating, packing in internal products or product surface. Dispensers are mainly used for glue, oil, paint and other liquids in the process of products. They are precise, irrigated, injected, coated and dripping to the precise location of each product. They can be combined with three axis platform to achieve dot, line drawing, arc or arc and irregular graphics.
The selection principles and basic characteristics of the glue[ 06-12 10:51 ]
The choice of dispensing machine principle: 1, glue: ordinary glue point with one-component adhesive machine, AB glue using double liquid dispensing machine, PU adhesive using PU adhesive glue machine, UV glue using specific cylinder dispensing.
Glue filling design process matters needing attention[ 06-12 09:57 ]
Filling glue dispensing machine design process considerations (yi da) dongguan yi da point glue factory, glue filling the effective use of requirements with many factors, including product design, to meet the need of rubber filling process and products.
In the use of glue the problems and solutions[ 06-12 09:54 ]
How to solve the dispensing machine in the industry of these problems? Specific have the following to solve the problems in the glue. 1, the size of the dispensing quantity. According to the work experience, the size of the adhesive dot diameter should be the half of bonding pad spacing, patch after adhesive dot diameter should be 1.5 times the diameter of the gel point.
Dispensing machine accessories shift at work[ 06-10 10:14 ]
Automatic glue machine, glue machine packaging process, most often appear two process components of displacement, respectively, to press the components into there was an Angle deviation and PCB patch glue high-speed mobile, x-y direction of migration.
Slow flow velocity, and glue has a bubble solution[ 06-10 10:10 ]
Dispensing machine also can appear all sorts of problems, such as flow velocity is slow and there are air bubbles. This problem should be how to do? Dispensing machine if too slow flow velocity is slow flow line should be changed from 1/4 "to 3/8".
High precision dispensing machine is the most important[ 06-10 10:09 ]
Common horn, switch to the daily life from household use of computers, mobile phones, cameras to the necessary office printers, fax machines and seen outdoor LED lighting, automatic dispensing machine not have widely application in the industry.
Automatic dispensing machine equipment system application[ 06-10 10:07 ]
Numerical control system control dispensing machine equipment, a total of four axis using four servo controller and the servo motor, the X axis a, Y, Z axis of a two; Input signal scram button, manual automatic conversion pause button, manual dispensing button, button, button back to zero, the left and right limit input signal servo alarm signals etc.
The glue adhesive performance[ 06-10 10:01 ]
1, Tack, adhesive and glued immediately after contact with a little pressure to form quite a cementing strength properties. 2, Cohesion, a single material inside the particles on the Lord price, price time forces together. 3, Mechanicaladhesion, two surfaces by interlocking and the combination of adhesive. Synonyms: mechanical adhesion.
Glue filling method[ 06-10 10:00 ]
Glue challenge once decided to use rubber filling method (yi), you must consider a series of challenges, with the implementation of effective process, glue obtain reliable results in a row, while maintaining the required production levels.
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