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TT tapered tips
TT tapered tips
Unique tips provide smooth flow all fluid Types. Molded of polyethylene with UV-Iight Block additive. lt's useful for dispensing of highly viscous liq uids without damage on products. lts material is PE.
Y&D7500N Full Automatic Dispensing Robot
Y&D7500N Full Automatic Dispensing Robot
Y&D7500N full automatic dispensing machine is newly designed machine which is the biggest model of the Y&D7000N series. With the optimization of size and powerful function, the Z Axis can be make bigger as 150mm. It is especially suitable for large not connected or large dispensing equipment operation. Also this machine is applied to the plasma treatment before dispensing. With teach pendant and leading programming software, users can make programs step by step in a few mi
Y&D 600D Bilateral Precision Valve
Y&D 600D Bilateral Precision Valve
Driven by pneumatic, grip can be quickly installed, lighter valve can match with the dispensing machine, it also can be controlled by manual operation. Features 1.Easy to use. 2.Without maintain. Suitable Fluid 37ml Two-Component glue 50ml Two-Component glue (1:1,2:1,10:1)
This model polyethylene piston ensures constant dispensing force, prevent drip or ooze, contain haza rdous fumes and empty all fluid from barrel. White PE double-wiper piston is for most thin to thick fluids.
Y&D1800II Digital dispenser
Y&D1800II Digital dispenser
Dispenses all assembly fluids; With manual(dispensing in continuous)and auto(dispensing inparts)functions; Using vacuum adjustment mechanism to prevent drip leakage; With the function of input & output signals;
Y&D7300N Full Automatic Dispensing Robot
Y&D7300N Full Automatic Dispensing Robot
Y&D7300N dispensing robot is a kind of newly designed popular machine which is quite easy to learn and operate by the teach pendant. With the interpolation function, all the axis can make points, drawing lines, arcs, some complicated draws, etc. With the quite powerful software, the machine is quite easy to operate, one can learn and make program is a few minutes.
Stainless Steel Pressure Tanks
Stainless Steel Pressure Tanks
The barrel body and lid are made of stainless steel that not easily produce reaction with chemicals and not proteiform;
Surface pol'ishlng, good sealing.normally in the general liquid;
Equipped with the relief valve to be automatic discharging pressure , resistance to high pressure.
PP flexibility tips
PP flexibility tips
PP flexibility tips are auitable for dispensing in different complex working face,facilitate in dispensing corners, for convenience use in the leftover. In this way can prevent scratching which makes dispensing more easily. The tube length can changeable as requirement.

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The glue adhesive performance

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1, Tack, adhesive and glued immediately after contact with a little pressure to form quite a cementing strength properties.

2, Cohesion, a single material inside the particles on the Lord price, price time forces together.

3, Mechanicaladhesion, two surfaces by interlocking and the combination of adhesive. Synonyms: mechanical adhesion.

4, Adhesivefailure; adhesionfailure, adhesive and glued the visual world is the destruction of the phenomenon.

5, Cohesivefailure, adhesive or glued in visual visible damage phenomenon.

6, Compatibility, when two or more substances mixed with the ability of mutual affinity.

7, Adhesive, through bonding effect, can make the material be glued together.

8, Adherend, ready to connect objects or after cementing rubber on both sides of the object.

9, Substrate, used in surface coating and adhesive materials. Note: this is better than a more general term "glued".

10, Wetting, liquid to solid affinity. Between the contact Angle is smaller, the easier it is to liquid wetting solid surface. Synonyms: wetting

11, Dry, by evaporation, absorption, reduce solvent or dispersion medium, in order to change the glued on adhesive process of physical state.

12, Bond, will be sticky with adhesive surfaces together. Synonyms: adhesive

13, Curingcure, adhesive through chemical reaction (polymerization and crosslinking, etc.) and to improve the performance of bonding strength, etc.

14, Settingset, adhesive through chemical reactions or physical action (such as polymerization, oxidation reaction, gelation, hydration, cooling, evaporation of volatile components, etc.), and improve the bonding strength, cohesive strength etc.

15, Adhesivelayer, glue joint in the adhesive layer.

16, Crosslinking, form chemical bonds between the molecules, and produces a three-dimensional network structure of the process.

17, Delamination, in laminated products, by adhesive and glued or they interface damage caused by the separation phenomenon between the layers.

18, Squeeze - out, after pressure on assemblies, extrusion from rubber adhesive.

19, Blocking, the material between the phenomenon of an unwanted adhesive.

20, Drytackaggressivetack, some adhesive (especially not vulcanized rubber adhesives) of a feature. When the adhesive degree of evaporation to volatile component in one room, in the case of handle seems to be dry, itself will contact adhesive to each other.

21, Fillet, two glued content of filling in the portion of the adhesive (such as the honeycomb sandwich and surface cementing material, sandwich adhesive fillet) which is formed by the end.

22 degreeofcure, curing degree, curing adhesive characterized by chemical reaction.

23, Ageing, the performance of the adhesive joint changes over time. 24 ,adhesion, and two surface depend on the chemical and physical forces or both some force to make it together.